Danny Viv is not only an excellent supplier she is without doubt one of he kindest and helpful

Emma (Client)
When i contacted my consultant Vivienne I was in a desperate place. I had not had a job for a month and bills were piling up. I was with a different agency prior to joining Supply Care SolutionS with whom I had been in contact with for 4 weeks. They had not been proactive and I was disheartened, I contacted my cousin who I recall had a very good agency and consultant and she gave me the details of Viv. I remember feeling as if it could take me another 4 weeks to get a job and I was reluctant to even contact her. I remember calling Viv on a Monday quite late, it was about 20 minutes before she was due to finish work. I explained my situation and what I was looking for. Instantly she sent me an email of what she needed from me and told me she would contact me in the morning once she received it. I filled out all the forms and gave her what she needed and sent it to her. The next morning she acknowledged receipt of my  details and an hour later her colleague contacted me for additional information. A few hours later (no more than 2 hours) Viv called me and told me about a perspective job, she put me forward and an hour later I got a call saying I had an interview the next morning (Bare in mind I this had been less than 24 hours since I first contacted her). I prepared for the interview and attended it in the morning. My consultant Viv was so supportive and helped me prepare. I contacted her after my interview to debrief. They said they would let me know the following day. 

Approximately 5pm that evening i got a call from Viv saying I had been successful and got the job and the rest is history. It has been 10 weeks and I really enjoy my job, Viv is always available and so are her colleagues with whom I have spoken to in her absence, they are very helpful and friendly.

I would recommend Supply Care Solutions to anybody.

I feel fortunate to have received a job less than 48 hours after initially contacting the agency. I am aware that i am lucky and that it may not be so quick for other people but for me my experience was a positive one in which i gained a lot of confidence from. My Bills are now paid and i feel like contacting this agency has taken a lot of my stress away.

I have successfully completed 20 months at a work assignment with Supply Care Solutions which I thoroughly enjoyed! I learnt a huge amount while I was there. This all came about through my consultant Michael Johnney who sourced the placement. The job itself matched my skills and abilities perfectly even before a face to face took place. I was extremely impressed by this. I was matched to a job that ticked all the boxes for me personally and was able to use all my transferable skills. I have grown in confidence and now using the skills acquired in a new assignment. The initial meeting was great as I was able to meet the team at Supplycare in person signng up and compliance was easy. The agency are approachable, friendly and professional. I appreciated the weekly calls to see how I was doing as well as the gentle reminders to send in my timesheets! Thanks Supplycare you certainly put the 'Care' into your clients. 




As I mentioned Tamar is always so pleasant in her emails and it stands out from most of the people that I deal with (as I said I am an accountant) on a daily basis and she is a credit to Supply Care Solutions.

Kind Regards

Michael Whitehead
Dear George,

I would like to thank you for your assistance and support in securing a role for me.

When I left Hackney without a job, I was offered a position in Islington via another agency.    I did not have a good experience with the other agency because my contract was ended in Islington.

George, you are brilliant, you understood my situation in regards to Islington and secured an interview and contract for me immediately.

Throughout the years, you have always given me encouragement. I thank you.

Your agency are caring, supportive and professional, not the experience I had from the "top tier" agency.

Again, thank you and have a great weekend.

Thank you for helping me to secure the Business Support Assistant position in Greenwich.

Before I got the job, you supported me throughout. I appreciated that.

I'm sorry that I have to leave for another job.

Many thanks

Peter Konyegwachie
George I just would like to thank you and I am really grateful for all that you have done for me during my time at the agency. You have helped me grow in my field and I just really appreciate your hjelp. This is a big thank you from me to you and I will never forget this incredible journey with the agencys. Regards Life S
Life S

I would like to say thanks to the finance dept 
for processing my payment quickly, I understood

that it would be paid on 8/9 as I didnt get it in by 

friday as I was really busy. So I would like to thanks them for their efficiency.

Kindest Regards

Jo R
Jo R
I find Michael to be very engaging, dependable and an individual with high integrity. I met him at London Metropolitan University just before my graduation and has re-assured me that Supply Care Solutions is an agency I could rely on in finding an employment – I am excited about such promise, as that assurance has resulted in my current employment.

Michael calls me from time to time to find out how well I am doing in my current post. He is effective at his job and is a pleasure to recommend him as an accomplished recruiting professional.

I am really excited by the opportunity and looking forward to working with Michael and Supply Care Solutions team. 

Thank you Supply Care for your role in helping me to secure this position.
Supply Care Solutions. What can I say. It’s a fantastic agency to work for. They are very helpful and I have never had a problem with them. My consultant Michael is amazing. He always keeps me up to date with any vacancies going, that he knows will match my skills. He never misses out on a great opportunity for me. I can truly say I can depend on him. When he is away, and I mean annual leave, I am comfortable speaking to other members of staff, and I know they will support me just the same as Michael would.

This agency has supported me for many years, and I know they will treat others the same, as they are very consistent with their service. I would highly recommend this agency to others. I have already experienced other agencies, and they don’t meet my standards like Supply Care Solutions.

Not to mention, they always like to make a courtesy call, just to check up on you and find out how your week has been. What other agency does this? I don’t know any other locums who share the same experience.

In conclusion, they are a friendly, helpful and loyal agency and they always look out for you. Anyone looking for a reliable locum. Supply Care Solutions is the way forward.
Supply care solutions actually found my Cv on Cv library and Michael contacted  me to ask what sort of job am I looking for and I explained to him and that was it.

He (Michael) has being very helpful , He rings me every week to ask how am doing at work . 

Thank you for your regular support. 

Definitely I will recommend this company,

I worked with Supply Care Solutions and it was an entirely positive experience.

Staff are friendly and professional.  My consultant, Michael, was and is and effective communicator and kept me up-to date with any information that needed to shared, job offers that may have been of interest to be and found me exactly what I was looking including just the right hours and rate of pay I was looking for.

Accounts staff were also really helpful with timely supportive reminders so as to ensure that everything was in place so that no payments were missed and avoiding payment delays.

Supply Care Solutions would be my first port of call if I was on the hunt for a long term temporary professional role again – I would happily to return to without hesitation.

Joy L
Joy L
Dear George,

I wish to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for supporting me in seeking and obtaining employment. During my time with the agency you have continuously worked in my best interest and have been reliable and dedicated to my process of securing employment.

George, throughout my time of working with the agency you have been amazing, providing rapid response, general concern and regard for all of my queries. The continuity of support I have received from you has been of true excellence and for that reason, I look forward to returning to the Supply Care Solutions agency in the foreseeable future.

I have nothing but positive feedback to say about all of the team members at Supply Care Solutions. Each and every staff member that I have been in contact with have shown nothing but high quality of care for me as their agency worker.

But overall, again George my thanks goes to you for your encouraging and supportive practice as my recruiter.

With the kindest regards,


Supply care solutions has the most amazing recruitment consultants that will go above & beyond to make you comfortable, settled in job placements and happy. They are always professional and resolve any issue I have quickly to enable me focus on my job. 

In addition,  they offer one of the best rates of pay in my field and are always happy to renegotiate pay for new job placements.

Since I have been with them I have been well settled and content and that in turn produce better job outcomes both for me and the end client.

Supply care solutions is indeed an outstanding nursing agency that I can confidently recommend to anyone looking for both full time & part time job placements.

Thanks for your hard work, really appreciated finding me best position that suits my skill base. There are not many people wonderful people like you, I would like to thank you from my bottom of my heart, and I would like to send compliment to you. Look forward to continue to work.
I have only heard about Supply Care Solutions for 3 weeks but thanks to Vivienne Jenkins I soon found myself working for a great team and I am loving every
minute of it! In the short time I've known Vivienne I cannot thank her enough for all her help not only in finding me employment but her support throughout
the time I have been in my placement.  I have already recommended Vivienne at Supply Care Solutions to my friend who no doubt will soon be in
employment if she makes that call!

Whatever Supply Care Solutions are paying you Vivienne its not enough!!  
Hi Vivienne,

I am emailing to thank you for your outstanding help and support that you have provided me in finding my new role. You were able to encourage me and look earnestly for a role that suited me.

You are such a breath of fresh air to speak with and you have been dedicated to ensuring I have the best position that suits my skill base.

I would like to thank you for your time and efforts in helping me! You are an amazing woman!

I wish you all the best in your career (a promotion is definitely needed)!

Thank you loads!
Please can I offer my compliments for Mr George Falana who has been my Recruitment Consultant for quite some time now and assisted and advised me with all my employability concerns. I would like to express; George is an asset to Supply Care Solutions Team and has always, skillfully, forwarded my CV's to relevant and appropriate organisations that have not only suited my needs but also worked in the favour of my career development. It is through such workers Services like yourselves have the opportunity to flourish and I cannot Thank George enough, for all the hard work, commitment and integrity I have reciprocated  from being able to work with, and be advised by him.

I continue to look forward to working with George and Supply Care Solutions.   

Once again,

Many thanks


Thanks for your perseverance and hard work. I know it was challenging at times, but you never doubted your ability to find me locum work. 

Yours and Supply Care Solutions professionalism during my work assignment was impeccable and ensured any issues raised were resolved quickly. 

Therefore, future clients can rest assured they will be in good hands, with Michael and I would happily recommend Supply Care Solutions to people looking for employment in Health and Social Care. 


I truly express gratitude to the time and effort that you have put in securing me a job through the NHS.

There are not many wonderful people like you around who are so selfless in life. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me make that start. 

You gave me the right inputs about things that I needed to incorporate in both my curriculum vitae and interviews. Your insights have showed me that where there is a will there is always a way. 

I was not ready to give in or experiment with things that are not known to me. But, your guidance and motivation have helped me in the direction that has also helped me in securing a permanent social work position. 

It was a real pleasure meeting someone like you whose is so well-informed. 

Thanks again!!
Good afternoon George,

I writing to give notice, as my temporary contract ends in March 2017 and I will be taking up full time employment.  Please let me know if there is anything else I have to do.

It has been a great pleasure working with you George (and the team) you have been very helpful and encouraging.  I will  pass on the agency details to my friends who are seeking employment.

Thank you once again.

Kind Regards

I would like to send a compliment to the manager of Michael Johnny who is my consultant for social care. He was extremely helpful while trying to find me roles, unfortunately I was given a role in which I accepted during the time Michael was looking for work for me. The effort he put in from the very 1st min I spoke to him on the phone his assistance was exceptional.

Timi Michael


Timi Michael

I mean this honestly (and its always important to say good things as the world has enough negativity) you’re a top man. Always a pleasure to speak to, and a true gentleman. I thought if there is an opportunity can you send this email to your boss, not manager, but CEO. I want you to get the recognition you deserve. You and your team deliver, exactly what I want and the way I want my candidates. Nothing is too much trouble and you make it happen.

So my friend. You have an amazing weekend. And thank you again.

Speak soon

Mark K
I would like to say a big thank you for all your support Michael Johnney, George Falana who has helped me to grow and develop my skills that I have today.

If you are ever looking for a fantastic team, Supply Care Solutions is the agency to join. They really work hard to meet your needs, ensuring they find you a job that will allow your skills to shine.

I have not only gained more experience with the fantastic jobs they have put me forward to, but I have also gained new friends, as they would call me to see how I am each week and wish me a happy birthday. Supply Care Solutions are really special and I will truly miss them as I move onto the next chapter of my life.

Last but not least, I cannot forget the finance team, Taruna Mistry, and everyone else the list is endless. I cannot fault how they work, they are very diligent and I have never had a late payment since joining this agency.

Moreover, I would like to conclude that I will certainly keep in contact with this team, and I would like to say thank you again for all your support and for just being so amazing.
28th December was my official start date working permanently Part time for Transition Team in Redbridge.

I owe my present job to Michael,  who encouraged me to go for the interview in October last year as was reluctant, because I only wanted to work with children. He made sure that I had reached safely and was ready for the interview up to the last minute. Thank you very much Michael and keep up with you good work.

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank you all very much for the opportunity you gave me that opened up my thinking and your commitment to ensuring that I am paid every week. I am definitely going to miss that. If ever, there is a job for 2 days a week please Michael let me know, if not will check again with you when I need to progress.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Patricia Roberts
Hi George,

Just to say thanks for all your hard work and support in finding work for me, it is very much appreciated. I have found Supply Care Solutions to be a professional and courteous agency who have dealt with any issues, quickly and efficiently. My pay was always processed on time and George kept in regular contact to check that I was still enjoying the placement.

I would definitely use Supply Care Solutions again, if I need to find work in the future, and would also recommend Supply Care Solutions to family and friends.

Kind Regards,

David Platt
David Platt
Just like the Ronseal advert; this agency does 'what it says on the tin!!' My placement was exactly as I was told it would be, no nasty surprises and immense help and support every step of the way. 

Thank you George and the team at Supply Care Solutions - a fantastic kickstart to my career.
Hi Hayley - so many thanks for your hard work to get my post. Really looking forward to working there!

Please see below!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to say how enjoyable it is to have such a supportive agent, Hayley!

She has helped me secure interviews and positions with her amazing personality. Not only does she listen but she hears which is appreciated very much.

Her ability to ‘fit’ the person into the ‘post’ is remarkable. Hayley never appears fazed by anything and I know she works tirelessly on her research! She must be a great person to work with and an asset to Supply Care Solutions. Thank you Hayley, you’re a STAR!!

Kind regards


Hi Michael,

I would like to express my appreciation to you and your team for all your support and encouragement during my time with Supply Care Solutions. You endeavour to actively listen to me whenever I called and ensure to follow things up to conclusion.
I will not forget the way you fought tooth and nail to ensure that I got a pay rise. You always checked on me every Friday to ensure that things were going well at my work place. I appreciate your understanding of my situation and your commitment to ensure that I got a suitable role.
I am leaving Supply care Solutions with mixed feelings and would always recommend you to the people that would benefit from your excellent support.

Thanks again for everything.

Kindest regards,

Hi Michael,

Thanks for all your hard work and the effort in getting me this post. I genuinely appreciate it. I'm looking forward to my assignment through Supply Care Solutions, I have no doubt that I will enjoy it.

You continue to be excellent in all you do. You have a great future ahead of you!

Thank Viv too and all the team I have met and spoken to. Everyone has been great. It's a great team! I will not hesitate to recommend Supply Care Solutions as a Recruitment Agency.

Have a blessed weekend!

Kind regards


I've only recently qualified as a Social Worker and had been advised by a number of  other individuals and professionals  that there was no point in registering with an agency as it would be unlikely that I would find work due to not having post qualifying experience.  However, I felt that it was pertinent to consolidate all my learning from my course by gaining hands on experience in the field of Social Work.  So, when I received a call from Supply Care Solutions who had found my CV online I was really surprised.  I have to say that from my very first conversation with Hayley,  I immediately felt a rapport.  I was given the opportunity to not only explain my experiences and skill set but also express the kind of relationship that I wanted to formulate with an agency going forward.  The service that I have received has been unique and tailored to my specific needs. I commend Supply Care Solution for the time, care and consideration given to me.

Supply Care Solutions have given me an opportunity to actively  work towards starting my Social Work career. In less than a month they have secured an amazing opportunity for me to work within a fantastic team in a reputable local authority.

The team itself is friendly and very supportive and will really make you feel welcome and comfortable.  They are also amazing with their commitment to see a project through from beginning to end and when they are going to do something they do.  Rest assured that should you decide to work with Supply Care Solution you will not regret your decision. They are thorough, well established, unique, personable, honest and are fantastic at what they do.  I would absolutely recommend them without hesitation.

Their goody bag is an absolute treat too!
Dear George,

Thank you for sincere efforts to find me this current placement and also looking out for other ones as this placement is short term role.

I spotted Supply Care Telephone number from Indeed.com for a job in Kent back in April 2015, and spoke to you the. You took my details, regularly kept in touch with me and by July end you found me a job relevant to my experience and skills. You have the skills to understand one's career progression and job roles which I have found most useful, as I don't have to repeat myself.

Your communication skills (written and oral) are exceptional too, it puts other agencies to shame and hence I choose to stay with Supply Care/Danluker.

Kindly pass this email to your line manager, as I am happy and grateful to be working with you & your brand,

Thank you

Regards & God Bless

Melanie - Social Worker
Hi Michael  has been my consultant  for a while now, Every week  I get a call to catch up and see how my placement  is going there have been times where I have been quite stressed  and he has give advice  but most importantly he has listened he is very professional  but does have a good sense of humour.

I have no hesitation  in recommending  the agency to any friends  we receive  a reminder text each week for our hours and if times sheets haven't  been sign the agency go out of their way to ensure  that everything is done to ensure invoices are paid on time  in short all the staff at supply care solutions  are helpful and professional

Tina Worthing
Hi Viv

Just wanted to say thank you once again today to yourself and your wonderful team.  Not only did you make me feel welcomed you made me feel confident in getting another job.

I loved the fact you got your team to come and introduce themselves to me.  Your doing a fantastic job Viv, thanks again.

Amanda Payne
Hi Michael,

 I sincerely would like to thank you for all your effort in securing me a social work post. 

I appreciated all the weekly updating calls and encouraging me to stay positive. I felt that you were approachable on the phone and professional. You helped me prepare for the interview as you truly believed in me. When I met you and the team I received a warm welcome. Thank you Michael for following up to find out how I was settling in my new job. Thanks once again for your support. Judy 

 Kind Regards

Judy Mutanda
Hi Viv. Thank you for your text and for the warm welcome I received this morning. You seems to have such wonderful team and they must feel happy to have you as their manager. Take care and have a fabulous day. Elizabeth. X
Elizabeth A
To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that my position has terminated on 23rd September.  Michael  was very helpful, professional and personal whilst identifying the right position for me prior to this placement and since I was informed that my contract was not going to be renewed.  Michael was in regular contact throughout my placement with Bromley and informing me of different opportunities following this one. 

Thank you to all your team in supporting my placement with Bromley and hope to work with the team again, (accounts, Shaila Taruna and my agent Michael). Kind regards,


 I have been employed with Supply Care Solutions since July 2014. George (Senior Recruitment Consultant) was able to get me back in Community Area Office Social Work when no other consultant had even tried to get me an interview. I had been out of social work practice for this long, due to a four year break. During this time, I had been undertaking teaching courses & related teaching subjects (i.e. Level 2 Maths & English).

I would like to state that George is very professional, supportive & easy to access via telephone as a Consultant. He keeps his promises and I never have to chase him up for anything he says he is going to do for me as an employee. This has therefore enabled me to develop a very good professional rapport & level of trust with George over time. In addition to this, I feel supported by George, as he always tries to help me to resolve any problems as soon as possible. These things encourage me to remain working for Supply Care Solutions.

I am also impressed by the way my payments are always paid on time with the Accounts Dept. Each week I am alerted consistently for my hours, rather than staff leaving everything to me as previous companies have done in the past.

I am happy to remain working for Supply Care Solutions & will definitely recommend anyone to join this agency if they are looking for temporary contracts. I would therefore like to say that Supply Care Solutions continuously meet & fulfil my expectations as an employee. I am positive that this agency will continue to maintain their high standards of professionalism, reliability & support for all candidates as I am currently experiencing.

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to let you know that I am very pleased for all that you have been doing for me, George. This is much appreciated.

Thank you so much & keep up the good work!



Qualified Social Worker
Christine - Social Worker

I just wanted to say thanks for your support over the last year, I went through bereavements and you was sensitive towards these matters. I had given up at one point, but you encouraged me to attend interviews and find work!

I am now in a permanent role as a supervising Social Worker and am also freelancing form f assessments! plus a company car! I really could not have reached here without the experience and work you found for me over the last year and I just wanted to say thank very much.

God bless you

kind regards

Dear Viviane,

Thank you for your support and professionalism in setting me up with your agency Supply care, your team support and commitment has been excellent from start to finish. I am extremely delighted with how quick it took you to find me a job.  The personal support offered by yourself and the determination to find me the best job, I will always be grateful for. I would personally recommend supply care to any social worker who is wishing to join a social work agency.
Emma - Social Workers

I just want to say thank you to Angelique for getting me back into work after not being so lucky and believing in me.

You have been great :) God Bless xx

And thanks to the team and supply care :)



Dear George,

I was unable to say anything last week due to the transition regarding my first statutory social work position. Just to let you know, the staff are very helpful, and so far, it’s going well with me – “touch wood”.

George, I must admit that speaking with you on the phone was the first time in three months that a social work recruitment consultant communicated with me in a professional manner. You listened genuinely to my words regardless of my accent; spoke with me patiently and optimistically during my job search, which I appreciated to the highest degree. Most importantly, you’d believed in my ability and reassured me greatly for the interview. Guess what? This not only lifted my spirits and enabled me to cope, but certainly prepare me for the questions that eventually landed me my first social work position- bravo, Supply Care Solutions!

Honestly, George, most of the recruitment consultants I spoke with in the past months, made me feel as if I was literally begging for a social work job. They rarely listen to me, and were quick to say that they needed someone with 2 years experience. Although I appreciated their request for 2 years experience, they definitely didn’t think I stood a chance, and, thus, lose sight of my valuable eight years caring experience.

There is an old African saying, George: “No man is an Island.”  In other words, a human being does not develop in isolation; an eloquent saying that was in line with my situation and your genuine support. Yes, I surely couldn’t have got the job without your effort. So, please continue with the good practice, as a way to empower and enable many more newly qualified social workers who are in a similar position as me. Please accept my sincere appreciation, and I hope that one day your bubbly personality will provide you with the favour you deserve both personally and professionally.

Kindest regards,

A Ellie

Registered Social Worker
A Ellie
"Thank you for being so enthusiastic and sticking to your word.  You said you would get me a job and you did.  Supply Care has been professional from start to finish and I highly recommend them.

Kind regards

Jo Palmer
Jo Palmer
George you work in a methodical manner and always ensure that you keep to values of good standards of professionalism. You represent the organisation as caring, open, transparent and most of all as we rather than I as a team.

Wishing you continued good health and happiness within the social and health care workforce and that the future is a bright one for you.
Miracles Do Happen!!!

It was 10:00am in the morning when I received a call from Vivienne asking if I was looking for a job.

As I did not know Vivienne previously, I reluctantly said yes.

Vivienne immediately took my details and said she was going to call me back.

At approximately 1:00pm on the same day, Vivianne called back and put me forward for a job interview...

Being a newly qualified Social Worker, I was not sure of what to expect for my interview, but Vivienne gave me some common interview tips and off I went.

At this point in time, I did not realise that my contact with my previous job was coming to an end. On the day it was announced that my contract was ending, Vivienne called me to congratulate me to a new job offer .

My testimony is this: Vivienne is an unusual gem in the field of recruitment.

The tips she gave me were spot on!

Her promises are genuine, and she is just as kind and professional as she sounds on the phone.

I\'m grateful to be working with Supply Care Solutions today, and all is to the courtesy of Vivienne.


Yours faithfully,


Social Worker

 "..For me, working with a Social Work Agency like Supply-Care Solutions - has been excellent - Why? - because they actually listened to my needs, which meant that they have been are able to match my requirements to the most ideal Social Work position in a short duration of time. So thanks Supply-Care Solutions for you're professional, friendly & top-rated service..." Sam Smith - Social Worker 01.10.2014
Sam Smith
Hi George,

Thank you for being so supportive. Every week you always reassured me George that one day I will get a social work job and now its a dream come true. You gave me hope knowing out there, there is someone who wish me the best. Keep the good work George. I will try my best to raise the Supply Care Solution flag high and do my work to the best of my ability. Once again I thank you George.


To whom it may concern,  This is to show my appreciation to the hard work George is doing.  He is very hard work and committed to go an extra mile when it comes to finding us work. I just want to say a BIG thank you to him for he deserves it!

Kind regards


Newly qualified social worker

Pamela Social Worker
Joining Supply Care Solutions has been the high light of my year so far. The staff went above and beyond to find me a job. I felt they were extremely practical, polite and efficient. I cannot stress enough how friendly I found those who specifically handled my case in finding me a job. I would like to particularly thank George (recruitment consultant) who I feel did work hard in finding me a job.  Once again thank you Supply Care Solution Staff.  Keep shining!!!

Glenda Peterson
Joining Supply Care Solutions has been a great choice and a wonderful experience because they took the time out to get to know me and put me forward for jobs that suits my skills. They regularly call just to catch up and to know how I am getting on, dealing with any concerns I have immediately. I am extremely happy to have the constant support by the whole team of Supply Care Solutions and it is brilliant to work for an agency who genuinely wants you to progress in your career ladder. 

Supply Care Solutions provide and professional friendly service tailored to suit your needs. I was provided with additional support such as do’s and don’ts interview tips that I found most helpful. The registration process was quick and painless. I have found that some of these employment agencies have been pushy and self motivated within a very competitive market. Vivienne’s communication has been transparent and constant and she listened to what I wanted from my employer and found me exactly what I wanted. I am extremely happy with the service and would highly recommend Supply Care Solutions to those that want a professional service from a friendly team who take on board what you expect from an employer and provide good results.
Bibaa Henry
I have worked with Viv Jenkins (recruitment Consultant) on a number of projects related to the recruitment of highly skilled temp staff and have always found her to be responsive, pleasant and someone who understand the customer’s needs. Viv is a very good professional and someone I enjoy working with.
I really don't know what to say. Two jobs in one go. You are a wonderful person and I truly admire the way you fought in my corner. I will NEVER forget this and would not let you down. You should have been in Social Care because I am a bit like you when it comes to fighting for my clients. It is so rare for people to go that extra mile and you did it for me. I thank you very much.
I have worked with DLK social care before, and returning back to the agency was very simple and easy, which is exactly what I needed. Vivian has provided me with a quick and efficient service. Literally, I handed my CV in to her and she got more than a few interviews and I got a job within a week. It was excellent, I could not believe the quick turnaround. I have been giving out Vivian's details as I know that she will get other social workers a job. Vivian is a dedicated, diligent consultant and that just what I needed to support me in my career.  image001
Maxine Wynter
Thanks for all your help in finding me a job with your agency. I was not sure of what to expect when you contacted me earlier this month to tell me that one of my friends referred me to you, saying that you should be able to help me find a job. However, I sent you all the documents requested for my registration with your agency. Anyway, when you rang me last week to arrange an appointment for an interview, I was a bit optimistic. I have now been to the interview and has been offered the job. So I would like to thank you for your help. I would not have been offered the job, if you had not put my details forward for it. I liked the swiftness of your actions and your encouragement and pieces of advice for the interview. I have contacted other agencies since I finished my degree, but you have been the most efficient. I would recommend you to any one I know that is looking for a job.